Exhibitor Profile: Dom's Deodorant

After trying nearly every natural deodorant out there with no satisfaction, I was determined to create my own that was super effective while being kind to my body and the environment. After much research and trials onfriends and family, the uber-effective yet 100% healthy Dom's Deodorant was born!

Exhibitor Profile: SeaChange Seafood

SeaChange has been producing high-quality, beautifully packaged Canadian seafood gifts for over 30 years.

It was November 1985 when Salt Spring Island carpenter, John Millerd married his woodworking skills with his family heritage in the salmon industry, creating a profitable business idea. Interest rates were high and the demand for carpentry was at a low, so John, whose grandfather, father , uncle and brother all worked in the fishing business, created cedar gift boxes packed with high quality canned salmon. With Christmas around the corner, John took his gift boxes to local professionals to see if they were interested in an alternative corporate gift. They were! Our young company got a huge boost the following year from Expo '86 in Vancouver. Since then, SeaChange has grown out of John's tiny workshop into a well-established Salt Spring Island business, still owns by Anne and John Millerd today.

In the early years, John built the boxes himself, and silkscreened the lids with Anne on the kitchen table after the kids were in bed. Today the boxes (redesigned by John in 2014) are still built and silkscreened by hand by the SeaChange team. Instead of tins of canned salmon they now contain a shelf-stackable pack of smoked sockeye salmon or smoked salmon pate.

SeaChange products contain only wild salmon. We source our salmon from an area on Canada's west coast called Johnstone Strait, where we have access to the freshest salmon possible, from some of the best salmon fishing grounds in the world. All SeaChange smoked salmon products are Ocean Wise recommended.

SeaChange Smoked Salmon, Crab and lobster pates were developed by Anne Millerd. Anne wanted all three pates to be creamy in texture, and each to have their own delicious flavour profile. She was advised, for coast reasons, to worked with salmon trim and lobster tomalley, both by-products of other processes. But Anne elected to go with the whole fillets of smoked salmon, and to use real crab and lobster meat , even though this would make the pates more expensive. We wanted pates we could be proud to serve our friends and families/

SeaChange products are bought by people wanting to give a genuinely Canadian gift, by tourists wanting to take home a Canadian delicacy, and personal shoppers looking for a specialty food treat for themselves or to serve to guests.

Exhibitor Profile: Thrive

We believe style doesn't have to be compromised when living an ethical lifestyle. Feel good buying products made with love, care, and consciousness.

Thrive owners Zoe Dubien and Jessica Wilson met on Salt Spring Island in the Saturday Farmers market where they started their businesses Owl + dot dot and Stand Up Apparel. Today you can find them enjoying each others company while screen printing and sewing in the studio at Thrive.

Exhibitor Profile: Salt Spring Wooden Toys

Salt Spring Wooden Toys creates an all-natural line of wooden toys including trains, planes, ferry boat, cars, trucks, toy fishing rods with fish and children's brooms. The toys are sanded to a fine finish and have a non-toxic (foodsafe) finish. The wheels are maple and are firmly attached with glue. They turn freely providing a fully functioning play experience. These are toys made to last.

Cutting boards and serving platters are created from solid pieces of hardwood including oak, maple and cherry. They are one-of-a-kind pieces that undergo a triple sanding process and are then heat finished with a beeswax paste.

We aim to create environmentally sustainable products by reclaiming and reusing leftover wood from construction and other woodworking projects that otherwise would be burned or taken to landfills. Woods include oak, ash, cherry, beach, alder, mahogany, maple, Douglas Fir and black walnut.

Exhibitor Profile: Two Monkeys

Two Monkeys hand knit and crochet woolly hats for men, women and infants and hand weave scarves and shawls. They are made using natural fibres including merino wool, alpaca, silk, mohair, hemp, angora and cashmere. Beanies, tuques and tams come in a wonderful range of colours including subtle heathered tones, stripes, variegated shades and Fair Isle patterns with cables, ribs and pompoms added throughout. Yarns are sourced from local independent shops and fibre festivals as well as Canadian hand-dyers.

We create our own designs and patterns and are inspired by our research of vintage and folk designs from around the world plus our desire to reduce our footprint on the earth.

Exhibitor Profile: Salt Spring Sea Salt

We live among the protected bays and inlets of the Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada. The natural beauty and pristine waters surrounding Salt Spring Island inspired us to create Salt Spring Sea Salt Ltd.  We harvest and evaporate the sea water, prepare, sift, pack and label our sea salt personally by hand.  The sea water is carefully filtered of impurities to offer the best sea salt product possible.

All recipes are Philippe’s culinary concoctions, inspired by his French background in the South of France mingled with his West Coast experiences. We call it Franc-Pac Fusion - a blend of tastes, techniques and recipes from his upbringing on the mediterranean coupled with the delectable offerings of the island’s stunning terroir.   We are proud to only use our finest fleur de sel in all our sea salt products - hence, the delicious difference.

We infuse mostly locally grown ingredients from Salt Spring Island, and are constantly experimenting with recipes. All our fleur de sel sea salts are unrefined - we add absolutely nothing except the herbs and spices (a lot of work and a bit of love) to create our infused sea salt blends.

Philippe and I are delighted to offer our line of gourmet sea salts. Come visit us at the market, drop by the property and have a tasting at  our “Sea Salt Farm”, order directly from us or simply share recipes and experiences.  

From our sea salt kitchen to your table, we wish you "bon appétit"!

Exhibitor Profile: Two Sisters Teddy Bears

Welcome to our world of handknit teddy bears and friends. All our animals are designed and knit by us and are made with love, care and attention to detail throughout the creation process.

Made with all natural yarns, in a smoke, pet and perfume free environment, most of our friends are suitable for all children - newborns on up. Knit with love, these animals are prefect as a baby shower gift, for a new mom or child of any age looking for a friend to love. All out creations are lovely as keepsakes, but are even more happy when they're taken off the shelf, loved and involved in every day adventure.

Two Sisters Teddy Bear Company was boen out of serendipity. Our mother decided to get rid of her decades long collection of wools and yarns just as younger sister Kelley , was looking for something to fill the down time as she adjusted to life as a stay-at-home mom.

Grabbing up a pair of needles, roping in her older sister Nicole, and raiding their mother's stash, they set out to start knitting the most adorable, one of a kind, hand-knit animals.

Exhibitor Profile: Salt Spring Island Artisan Vinegar

At Salt Spring Island Artisan Vinegar we do things the old fashioned way, using traditional, two-step fermentation methods and the finest ingredients to slowly create our high quality fruit wine vinegars.

Our first step is to ferment Salt Spring or BC grown fruit into beautiful wines that we sadly never get to drink!  Instead, we slowly add our wines into vinegar fermentation tanks where natural acetobacter cultures convert the alcohol to acetic acid.  

We never rush these natural processes and are often forced to wait up to a year before the vinegar is ready to bottle.  It’s tough to be patient, but it’s the slow-process, small-batch method we use that ensures the quality of our products.  

Our vinegars are made with time, love and the best ingredients we can find (or grow!). They are fruity and bright, preserving the essence of summer, from orchard to bottle.

Exhibitor Profile: Stefanie Denz

Stefanie Denz, MFA University of Auckland (full scholarship 1989) has received awards through Canada Council and BC Arts Council, exhibited in New Zealand, Germany, USA and Canada. Stefanie attended Transart Institute (MFA and PHD conferring) summer residency, 2014 in Berlin. She lives on Saltspring Island BC, where she teaches drawing and painting and is involved in community arts. Stefanie's work can be seen at Winchester Galleries, Victoria, Pod Gallery, Saltspring Is., and in her studio.


I am a figurative painter with a deep interest in spatial relations and social dynamics. Body language build my personal narratives; I include family and friends, as well as using filmography for its gender commentary. Architecture is integral to my work and I often include found materials to the surface. I see that the environment and human body have an interchanging relationship. I also make installations and work in performance. Paint wise I admire Edouard Manet and Neo Rauch, and I am grateful to sculptors Alice Aycock (b.1945), and Chris Simonds (b.1944), and contemporary dance for understanding the physicality of interaction.  

Exhibitor Profile: Lan's Hands Pottery

LeeAnn Norgard was born in Burlington Ontario in 1971. Norgard works as a ceramic sculptor and potter. She graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2000, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics, with Distinction. Her most recent solo show at the Salt Spring Island Gallery of Fine Art explored the symmetry, texture and form of Seed Pods. Her ceramic sculptures of pods and plant forms are both three dimensional and wall sculptures. Using nature’s patterns and symmetry as a starting point, and clay and the potter’s wheel as tools, LeeAnn fully enjoys the creative process. The pieces are altered and sometimes carved, and then fired with carefully crafted glazes. Texture has become increasingly interesting to LeeAnn, while a marriage of form and glaze remain paramount in the creation of a piece. Her home on Salt Spring Island inspires her work tremendously, both in it’s natural beauty, and it’s creative and supportive community. Her work is currently represented by the Salt Spring Gallery of Fine Art, and can be viewed on the web at lnorgardceramics.com

Exhibitor Profile: Salt Spring Kitchen Co.

Melanie Mulherin of SaltSpring Kitchen makes unique, small batch, artisan preserves. With a focus on savoury jams they are specifically designed to be the perfect accompaniment to your cheese and charcuterie plates. Melanie has spent many years in the restaurant business and is now bringing those skills to her little jam company. With flavors such as Meyer Lemon and Lavender Marmalade, Pink Grapefruit & Rhubarb Jam-a-lade, Blueberry & Basil Jam, Sour Cherry, Rhubarb & Rosemary Jam, Onion & Thyme Jam, Spicy Tomato Jam, Raspberry & Habanero Jam, Hot Mango Jam or Candied Jalapenos… These are definitely not your Grandmothers jams.  No offense to your grandmother ;)

Exhibitor Profile: Heavy Meadow

Heavy Meadow is a jewelry line created and designed by Ora Cogan. 

Inspiration is drawn from the natural world, the supernatural world and symbolism. The architectural-like structures represent interconnectedness. 

All Heavy Meadow jewelry is hand-cut, soldered and polished, using crystal, brass and high quality recycled sterling silver. Each piece is slightly different, making it unique to its wearer. Fine attention to detail and minimal designs are what give Heavy Meadow such a graceful aesthetic. 

Exhibitor Profile: Leo Lebel

Somewhere between a needle and desire, I started designing and constructing leather bags for myself and friends and family. Since then it has grown into a small business with a full studio. With passion for authentic materials and classic design, it demands quality and durability.

Exhibitor Profile: Hart + Stone

Hand crafted jewellery made on Salt Spring Island. Each piece is made with excellent attention to quality and detail. We use 14K solid gold filled. sterling silver and cut and uncut stones throughout our collections.

HART + STONE is jewellery with minimalistic design and geometric cuts. It is jewellery for the adventurer, the explorer and the lover of the earth. For the one who opts for quality over quantity and finds beauty in the little things.


Exhibitor Profile: Salt Spring Island Candle Co.

Owner, Jay Campbell has the wax in his blood. The son of a candle maker of almost 40 years, Jay has been working with wax and wicks since he was a wee lad. After almost 20 years of assisting the family business in making beautiful hand carved paraffin candles, Jay decided to venture off and create something completely different.

SSI Candle Co. uses only 100% pure, GMO free soy wax. We scent our candles with the highest quality pure essential oils and natural, cruelty-free fragrance oils. We approach our candle scents from a perfumer’s perspective, carefully layering our creations based on a balance of top, middle and base notes, with the goal of creating fragrances that are complex and unique.

Exhibitor Profile: Monsoon Coast

I took over as the Monsoon Coast “Spice Girl” in 2008 and have been roasting, grinding and blending spices in my little spice room on Salt Spring Island ever since.  

Monsoon Coast started nearly 20 years ago with six amazing Indian spice blends. Over the years a number of mixtures from Africa and around the world have been added to the line-up. We now offer 20 different masalas that can help transform everyday meals. While we encourage “guerilla cuisine” (aka anything goes) we also have over 80 recipes on our website monsooncoast.com . Most of the recipes are vegetarian, but we do pay homage to the foodie who appreciates local lamb, pork and chicken!  

Exhibitor Profile: B's Pottery

I started working with clay at the Bear Creek Community Arts programme during the late 1970s and followed up with four semesters at Kwantlen College. When I moved to Salt Spring I was able to again focus on my love of clay and set up my own studio space at home with a custom-built down draft gas-fired reduction kiln. I have been selling my high-fired reduction tableware at the Salt Spring market for 14 years as well as being an active member of the Salt Spring Potters' Guild and taking part at the annual Beaver Point Christmas Sale.

Exhibitor Profile: Organic Gaia Foods

Aki has worked as a Japanese-food chef since 1988. His insatiable curiosity has made him an excellent cook not only in Japanese food but in foods from all over the world. Miki has worked at a B&B preparing vegetarian meals. Together they've been providing Saltspringers with healthy vegetarian food. They have been selling Chimichurri, Olive Lemon pate, Mushroom pate at the Tuesday and Saturday market and have created more new items such as Chili Oil & Charumola.